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          Feedback and Complaint

          Passenger Feedback & Suggestion Cell (PF&SC) has been established at IIAP for expeditious disposal of complaints. An online E-complaint System has also been designed for lodging passenger complaints / suggestions for betterment / facilitation of passenger, meeters and greeters.

          Modes of Complaints

          If the complaints of passengers are not timely resolved by the concerned Airline or handling agents then Passengers can lodge their complaint and feedback to CAA for expeditious disposal, through following modes:

          Complaint Register
          Feedback and Complaint
          Placed in Departure Lounge / Information Desk / Flight Enquiry
          Airport Services Feedback Form
          Feedback and Complaint
          Complaint Box
          Feedback and Complaint
          Contact Number
          Feedback and Complaint
          Via Email
          Feedback and Complaint
          Feedback and Complaint
          1. Complaint Registers
            (Placed in Departure Lounge / Information Desk / Flight Enquiry)
          2. Complaint / Suggestions Boxes (Installed in all Lounges/ Concourse Hall)
          3. Contact: 111-222-444
          4. Complaint E-mail: feedback.IIAP@caapakistan.com.pk
          5. Online Web based E-Complaint & Feedback System
          6. Official Mail: apm.IIAP@caapakistan.com.pk
          7. On-spot complaints are resolved by DTM / DFO / DVO, as applicable.
          8. Vigilance related complaints are lodged by Passengers / meters / greeters in DTM Office.


          1. On receipt of a complaint, the same is scrutinized by Officer Incharge PF &SC and entered in the software system and a Tracking Number is allotted.
          2. The complaint is sent to the concerned CAA section / airline / agency for necessary action/ investigation/ comments.
          3. An interim reply is also sent to the Passenger / complainant within 48 hrs.
          4. On receipt of comments from the concerned office proper reply is given to the passenger / complainant.
          5. Proper follow up action is taken till resolution / settlement of a complaint.

          Feedback and Complaint

          X Islamabad International Airport - IIAP
          Islamabad, Pakistan ›
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