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          Passport and Visa Info

          Passport & Visa

          The holders of diplomatic or official passports of the countries would remain exempted from the requirements of entry visas as provided under the visa abolition agreements concluded with their governments.

          All foreigners coming to Pakistan need a valid passport. Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant Visit/Tourist Visa for three months validity and stay with double entry to foreigners of 175 countries.

          For more information about the countries list and Visa info please click here for Visa Category or follow the link below:

          URL: www.dgip.gov.pk/Files/Visa%20Categories.aspx

          Registration of Foreigners with Police

          All foreigners are exempted from registration with the Police except the nationals of following countries; as well as such other foreign nationals who are directed by the immigration authorities to report to FRO for registration and a stamp is affixed to this effect, on their passports.

          Bangladesh Libya Sudan Kyrgystan
          Bhutan Nigeria Syria Tajikistan
          India P.L.O. Tanzania
          Iraq Serbia Uganda
          Israel Somalia Uzbekistan

          However, nationals in the managerial category, who are issued Work Permit/Visa from these countries, will be exempted from Police registration except Indians and foreigners of Indian origin.

          Please contact for registration, Foreigner Registration Branch established in the office of every District Police Officer.

          For more detail for Visa, Passport and Immigration Policy please visit the following website.

          URL: www.pakistan.gov.pk

          For quick info about Visa Policy, Visa Categories and Immigration Policy, you can also visit direct links as follows:

          Visa Policy: www.dgip.gov.pk/files/Visa.aspx
          Visa Categories: www.dgip.gov.pk/Files/Visa%20Categories.aspx
          Immigration Policy: www.dgip.gov.pk/Files/Immigration.aspx

          Contact FIA

          For further details about immigration and others you can visit the following Website.
          Website URL: www.fia.gov.pk

          Contact No's:

          Addl Director General (Immigration): +92 (51) 926 0776
          Addl Director General (Crime): +92 (51) 926 0026
          Director (Administration): +92 (51) 926 1775
          Project Director (PISCES): +92 (51) 926 0944
          Fax No: +92 (51) 926 2376
          Help Line: 111-345-786
          E-mail Address: complaints@fia.gov.pk

          X Islamabad International Airport - IIAP
          Islamabad, Pakistan ›
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