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          Golf Cart Car Service inside Lounges

          • ? Domestic Arrival Lounge (No. 1)
          • ? International Arrival Lounge (No. 1)
          • ? Domestic Departure Lounge (No. 1)
          • ? International Departure (No. 3)

          Golf Cart Car Golf Cart Car

          Free Mobile Charging Booth

          With free mobile charging booth across the airport, your mobile devices will never be low on power. Look out for the charging points at the Departure Halls, to give your device a little boost. They are also located beside the seating area, business lounge.

          Free Mobile Charging Free Mobile Charging

          Prayer Rooms

          Islamabad Airport have Muslim prayer rooms and ablution areas/rooms throughout the airport in each lounges separate for women and men.


          02 big Islamic state-of-the-art Masjid (Mosque) locatednear CAA car park where a gathering of Namaz e Juma, Traweeh in Holy month of Ramadan and Eid Prayers are arranged for passengers, meters & greeters/visitors and airport functionaries.


          Car Rental

          If you’re looking for a set of wheels when you arrive at your destination, then you’ll be pleased to know we have handpicked a selection of the best car rental companies for quality, reliability and value. Book ahead to get exclusive deals at even lower prices!

          METRO RADIO CAB Metro Cab
          Concourse Hall, Islamabad Airport
          24 hours call center No
          UAN: (+92-21) 111-222-787,
          Tel: +92-51-5872236
          Car Rental

          Smoking Lounges

          While all Islamabad International Airportis non-smoking buildings, there are enclosed smoking areas in each of the terminals.

          Smokers can enjoy exceptional air quality while having a cigarette in a smoking lounge.

          Locations include:

          • 1- Domestic Departure Level-3 (North East) Near B5/B6 Lounge.
          • 2- International Departure level-3 (North West) No.1 & International Departure level-3 (East Pier) No. 1.

          Smoking Lounges

          Baggage Wrapping Facility

          Baggage wrapping facilities are available in International / Domestic Departure @ rate of PKR-50/-

          Baggage Wrapping Baggage Wrapping

          X Islamabad International Airport - IIAP
          Islamabad, Pakistan ›
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